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HTML+bitmap ruler-based interface to ImageMagick crop function
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Author: stvrtg

In crop edit mode, two simple horizontal and vertical ruler bars (also image files) are provided for exact size reference. The editor simply enters the desired parameters from the ruler where they want the image cropped, and these get passed to ImageMagick - which crops a copy of the file, names it appropriately, and shows a link to the new cropped version. In addition to manual entry, clicks on the ruler bar could be mapped and pass the parameters to the parameter input fields.

Ostensibly, very simple editing interfaces to ImageMagick could work if the tasks are simple enough, and if there are some given points of reference. In this case, I'm confining myself to simple image cropping without rotation. Ostensibly, rotation also could be handled via a simple command as well, though in such cases previewing would be necessary - unless there is some other exact way to measure the change.


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stvrtg wrote:

A basic layout:

Hz ruler image with image mapped |coordinates corresponding to measurement


Vrt --------------------------------------
ruler | |
image | |
with | |
image | Image |
mapped | |
coords.| |
corr. | |
to *-->| x |
meas. |---------------------------------------

Parameters [top] [bottom] [left] [right]

Clicking at the * points will send values to the parameters, which in turn get passed on to Imagemagick.


Hi stevertigo,

(In reply to comment #0)

In crop edit mode

For the entire paragraph I was wondering: Does "crop edit mode" exist already, or is this part of your proposal to introduce it?

I'm still not getting the scope here - is this about editing/cropping in the browser? If so, this sounds like a duplicate of bug 7757 to me, do you agree?

No reply by stevertigo, hence assuming this is a dup of bug 7757.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 7757 ***