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Digital attestation of verifications
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What we need to do

  • Activate Bokföring Attest & Läs and try it out.
  • Inform the accounting bureau about the changes.
  • Confirm with the accounting bureau:
    • that we can still send them originals we receive on paper for proper storage
    • how often they would like us to send them
    • if we should write verification numbers on the documents before we send them.
  • Replace the current routine for attesting invoices with a new one.

Once we have attestation under control, we can look into the connection to the bank that the accounting bureau mentioned (see below).

Recommendation from accounting bureau
Question from WMSE
Har ni någon erfarenhet av att använda Fortnox funktion för att attestera fakturor och andra dokument digitalt?

Answer from accounting bureau
Jag kan se att ni har Arkivplats i Fortnox. Ett alternativ är att ni skickar över alla fakturor till Arkivplatsen.

Då får jag upp fakturan vid registrering och kan koppla den till verifikatet. Samtidigt till detta kan man koppla på funktionen för attest i Fortnox. Vill man ta det ett steg längre kan ni koppla ihop ert bankkonto med Fortnox. Då kan man efter attest skicka iväg bankfiler med betalning via Fortnox, som man sedan attesterar i banken. Då spar man tid på att man slipper mata in betalningar av fakturor manuellt i banken.

Jag har ett annat företag jag börjat jobba på detta vis med alldeles nyligen, och det fungerar smidigt med Arkivplatsen och att skicka bankfiler.

Cost for added features in Fortnox

  • Arkivplats (The information I found here was that it was free up to 2 GB, but I can't find this information now. But according to our invoice, we are currently paying for 4 licens for Arkivplats.)
  • Bokföring Attest & Läs, 59 SEK/month (I believe this is the one we need?)

Our cost for stamps today is around 108 SEK per month (an estimate based on four stamps per letter, three times a month)


  • Our lead time for invoices and other verifications will be shorter.
  • We will be able to see verifications in Fortnox.
  • It will be easier to attest verifications, especially for the treasurer or head of board.
  • We can stop keeping digital copies of everything in Nextcloud (since we can reach it digitally in Fortnox instead).
  • We don't need to print digital verifications.


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Opad has suggested that we look in to this when they visit us in January or February

For receipts, Kvitto & resa, might be an alternative but it seems to be its own system?