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CookieWarning does not interact correctly with MobileFrontend
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Mediawiki 1.31: The message that CookieWarning produces does not seem to go through the MobileFrontend extension. Rather, the cookie message that appears on the mobile phone seems to be "below" (and partly overlapped by) the MobileFrontend-formatted text. It also does not appear to have the same width as the screen.

To see this bug in action, go to and inspect the top of the page - it's corrupted. It should look similar to the desktop version, (you need a desktop browser).

I have no idea if this is CookieWarning's fault, or MobileFrontend's.

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Jdlrobson subscribed.

Looks specific to CookieWarning compatibility with Vector on mobile.
I think resources/ext.CookieWarning/ is actually a skinStyle for Minerva but it's being loaded on non-Minerva skins

"ext.CookieWarning.styles": {
			"styles": "resources/ext.CookieWarning/ext.CookieWarning.less"
		"": {
			"styles": "resources/ext.CookieWarning/",
			"targets": [

should probably become:

"ext.CookieWarning.styles": {
			"targets": [
				"desktop", "mobile"
   "skinStyles": [
			"vector": "resources/ext.CookieWarning/ext.CookieWarning.less"
			"minerva": "resources/ext.CookieWarning/",


Thanks! As a workaround, we installed the Minerva skin. With that instead of Vector, the problem is gone. This also means that the link I gave above no longer shows a corrupted page.

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yep. Please update to 1.35 if needed.