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labstore1001,1002,2001,2002: status clarification
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labstore1001,1002,2001,2002 all have role::spare in puppet and are marked ACTIVE in Netbox:

The servers are currently racked and powered on, but apparently serving no purpose.
This seems like an inconsistency according to

A status clarification should probably be done. My initial feeling is that these server should be powered off and unracked.

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This needs some discussion. Assigning task to @Andrew to see if he as any hint. Please assign back to me once we have more data.

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Same for labstore2002

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This is probably related to procurement ticket {T210666}, in which:

  • labstore2001 (spare)
  • labstore2002 (spare)
  • labstore2003 (tools backup from labstore1004/1005)
  • labstore2004 (misc backup from labstore1004/1005)

Are all being replaced by a couple of servers:

  • cloudbackup2001
  • cloudbackup2002

(replacement names are just proposals)

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Reopening because I would like to clarify what are we going to do with them, to make it consistent with

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The have been keeping labstore1001 and labstore1002 around as cold spares for labstore1003. Labstore1003 will be replaced by T209527: Set up scratch and maps NFS services on cloudstore1008/9. See also T187456: Decommission labstore100[123] and their disk shelves.

The labstore200[1-4] will all be decommissioned when we have bought 2 new cloudstore boxes to replace their duty as offsite backup for the NFS servers ({T210666}).

And yes, this is all confusing and not documented in a single, easy to find place.

aborrero added a subscriber: RobH.Jan 29 2019, 4:37 PM

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Then, I believe these servers should have the INVENTORY (instead of ACTIVE) status on Netbox. Could you @RobH please confirm?

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