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Sqwiki / Need only registered users to create new articles
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I am a sysop in the Albanian wikipedia (sqwiki). One thing that we have noticed is that a great deal of vandalism is created by IP addresses creating empty new articles, which sysops need to continuously delete.

We want to avoid that in the future and give the right to create new articles only to registered users, i.e. users that have an account. This way whoever edits sqwiki from an IP address can still make changes to existing articles, but not be able to start new articles.

Below is the permalink to the community decision, which voted to make such change:

Is this something that someone within Wikimedia can help us with?

Thank you for your assistance with this!

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@1l2l3k have you tried setting up AbuseFilter rules to stem the vandalism? Detecting empty new articles should be trivial to catch.

Restricting page creation to registered users only is a rather heavy step, and should only be implemented after other measures have been tried and failed.

@1l2l3k: Also see "Disable anonymous page creation and editing on id.wikipedia" on which states that "Disabling anonymous editing was seen to violate the inclusivity of the Founding principles."

In the English wikipedia with which I am familiar, one cannot start new articles editing with an IP address, so we want to implement the same thing. Would that be possible without having to recur to Abusefilter usage?
Alternatively, can a wizard be used for an IP to create an article, instead of in the mainspace, in a draft/article space, just like enwiki does it?

(Context link: "Restricting anon and newbie contributions " under )

Not sure how portable that en.wp wizard is (if at all); that would be a question for the en.wp community I'm afraid. :-/

Urbanecm added a subscriber: Ammarpad.

I'm boldly declining this as T214876#4915725 has not been answered, and as "Disabling anonymous editing was seen to violate the inclusivity of the Founding principles" which I assume is even a bigger problem in communities of smaller languages.

Note that declining does not mean that you cannot continue discussing here, but the first step seems to be providing more information about your AbuseFilter rules instead (and potentially improving that first).