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Allow independent column sorting in Phabricator
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Currently, in Phabricator there is only one column sorting option per board. This is frequently inconvenient, as columns may differ in purpose in the same board, and for some it may make more sense to sort by priority, for others it may be manual sorting or default sorting would be ok. It would be nice to be able to choose sorting per column instead of per board.

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Could you please provide specific use cases as an example? See and see also for upstream requests about workboards.

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Example: in this dashboard: I'd like to sort first two columns by priority, but in other columns sorting by priority does not make too much sense for me. In general, sorting by priority is good for current tasks, that are being worked on or soon to be worked on, but for part of the board that is more long-term classification it makes less sense. So it would be nice if I could use different sorting for these column, and have some columns auto-sorted by priority but others sorted as I specify manually.

This seems like something we can discuss with upstream and try to find out how difficult it would be to implement. If it's fairly straightforward then maybe we can advocate for it in some way.

@mmodell thanks, this would be great!

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