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Gerrit loading slowly
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Hi, gerrit is loading slowly (and also happens to other users too)

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Paladox created this task.Jan 31 2019, 1:47 AM
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I get intermittent plugin failed to load errors, as well as this in console:

Thu Jan 31 01:49:32 GMT+000 2019 Class$82
SEVERE: TypeError: a is null
Class$S43: TypeError: a is null
	at Unknown.TP( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown.WP( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown._loadedGwt( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown.hb( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown.Zl( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown.g( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown.Kc( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown.Nc( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown.Mc/<( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown.Ql( line 9 > scriptElement)
	at Unknown.anonymous(zuul-0.js)
	at Unknown.m(
	at Unknown.onScriptDownloaded/<(
	at Unknown.l(
	at Unknown.onScriptDownloaded(
	at Unknown.anonymous(
	at Unknown.anonymous(Unknown)
TypeError: a is null

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-01-31T02:01:55Z] <gtirloni> T215004 restarted gerrit (using 1200% cpu, 71% mem)

It seems the issue is gone after a reboot. I didn't see anything special in /var/log/gerrit/error_log.

Thanks for reporting this.

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