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A new tool to (mass) import files that were previously imported without history
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Large numbers of files were manually imported to Commons before FileImporter existed. They were imported without their file and page history.
I want to use FileImporter to import these files to Commons again, with their history. I have to do this manually, which is complicated. See FAQ: What if I want to import a file to Commons that has been imported before (without the history)?.
In consequence, many years worth of valuable edit history are lost.

A tool where admins can:

  • Compare both histories on the local wiki and on Commons side by side, including deleted versions
  • Select versions to undelete/transfer/delete, with the ability to undelete and delete files on the same screen/dashboard.
  • Also with a AWB-style diff-comparison for descriptions and categories
  • Maybe also features to support structured data.

Of course, we first need to figure out how to generate a list of files that were manually transferred before.

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Lea_WMDE subscribed.

This sounds like a great idea! Unfortunately we will not be able to create another tool around the fileimporter/fileexporter for now, but if anybody else wants to pick this up - yay!

@Aklapper Since we wont work on this task in the frame of the Move-Files-To-Commons project I wonder if there might be other tags to add here to raise awareness for that request.