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Show a confirmation prompt for rollback link on list pages
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Rollbacks appear in list views (such as history, recent changes), but also in the diff view. In both cases it should be possible to see a confirmation prompt

User story
As an editor for whom the rollback confirmation prompt is enabled
I want to see a rollback confirmation prompt when I click on "rollback X edits" in a list view
so that I can revoke the action if it was not the one I intended.

Before the user clicked on the rollback link:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-31 um 13.43.32.png (100×588 px, 27 KB)

Once users who have the confirmation prompt enabled clicked on the link:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-31 um 13.43.40.png (68×618 px, 33 KB)

Acceptance Criteria

  • If users with enabled rollback confirmation prompt click on rollback X edits in the header of the diff view, they see a confirmation prompt Rollback of X edits? Rollback Cancel
  • The confirmation prompt should appear in the same position the initial rollback X edits had, with all possible syntax around it staying intact
  • If only one edit is supposed to be rollbacked, the wording should say rollback 1 edit
  • If users click on Rollback of the confirmation prompt, the rollback action should be executed
  • If users click on Cancel, the original state should be retained, i.e. rollback X edits should again be visible
  • This should work for all lists pages who display a rollback link. Current knowledge is that this affects History page, Changes lists (recent changes, watchlist), user contributions special page

Technical Notes
This ticket is about adding a list of names to the query that checks if a confirmation prompt should be displayed

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The current estimation is based on the list of rollback pages as described in the last point of the acceptance criteria

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