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MT translated <math> content displayed incorrectly
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The issue seems to be similar to T137803: ContentTranslation deletes <math> formulas from article.

  1. Start a new translation to a language that has MT options. e.g. ru: Список обозначений в физике to čeština (Czech language).
  2. Go to the section Скобки and using one of the available MT option translate the table.

The <math> content (e.g. <math>[\mathbf {u}, \mathbf {v}]</math>will be displayed incorrectly)
MT Google - </img> is displayed:

MT Yandex - the symbols are not displayed in the translation:

  1. Another example - the same article the section Греческая азбука<math>\Alpha, \Beta, \Epsilon, \Zeta, \Eta, \Iota, \Kappa, \Mu, \Nu, \Omicron, \Rho, \Tau , \Upsilon, \Chi</math> ) will be displayed as following:

MT Google:

MT Yandex:

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