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No-js page for rollbacking
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Not all people use javascript, but it should be possible to have a confirmation prompt no matter your technical configurations. Therefore we need a special page to redirect to in case people don't have js enabled, but opted-in to the feature


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Acceptance Criteria

  • There is a page that people are being led to if they click on "rollback", have the confirmation feature enabled, but js disabled. The page has the content as described in the mock
  • When clicking on "rollback", the rollback action should be performed and the user should be redirected to the page where they initially clicked the "rollback" link
  • People without rollback rights should still not be able to perform rollbacks.


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I initially started with this ticket by implementing a new Special page as it was done in the ThankYou extension. However, I then talked to Thiemo and he pointed me to a more suitable example and how this would be better suited to be implemented as an action which checks if the request was made as a GET or a POST to determine if the form is to be shown or if the rollback action is to be performed.

A similar action would be the purge action which can be triggered via ?action=purge on articles, for example:

The relevant action can be found at:


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Change 491235 had a related patch set uploaded (by Tim Eulitz; owner: Tim Eulitz):
[mediawiki/core@master] Implement non-JS RollbackAction with form

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Change 491235 abandoned by Tim Eulitz:
Implement non-JS RollbackAction with form

Reason: /491249

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While I'm reviewing this, I generally wonder if there should be a Cancel button/link in the form? Usually(™) there's something like this, right? ( Sorry if this was already discussed and I don't know and for bringing it up generally :-D )

We discussed this, and thanks does not have one. So staying consistent we are not having one either :) (Especially since you can cancel by using the back button, closing the tab or not doing anything)