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[BUG] Time period on my event keeps getting switched
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  • Go to Event Metrics and create a new event whose time period begins earlier that day and ends in the near future. (here is mine, for reference.)
  • Add participants to the event.
  • Calculate metrics
  • Add a foreign wiki like (I don't know if that matters)
  • Calculate metrics
  • Go back to Settings

Expected result: the time period remains as you set it
Actual result: the time period switches to the future (in my case, from 2/5 at 9AM to 2/5 at 5pm). This happened more than once.

See labeled screenshots below, which document the second time I did this. The time when I did all this was about 11 am.

Event Timeline

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Looking at the screenshots, my guess is that timezone conversion isn't happening the way it should. Might just be only a frontend problem.
You added time as 9am which shows up as 5pm afterwards. 9am PST is 5pm UTC. I'm pretty sure dates are all stored in UTC in the backend.

Yep, I think we're just not passing the right value to the datepicker. The timestamps you see on the Event Summary page are correct, it is just showing the wrong times when editing an event.

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That looks easier than we thought.

The tests for this PR are now passing. Ready for re-review.

Followed Joe's reproduction steps to make a new event and did not see the bug.

I couldn't reproduce with preexisting events either.

I also notice that Joe's event from the Description now shows the correct date in the date picker on the Settings page.

I checked that I could change the date/time for an event with the date picker and that this was reflected in the event summary page and on subsequent visits to the Settings page.

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