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Special:ImportFile triggers "don't blank pages" edit warning when importing file
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While importing a file, I received a notice to "not blank pages" while importing File:2018 AWS Sites ALL 03 29 2018.jpg from en-wiki to Commons.

I reproduced this issue by:

  1. Going to Special:ImportFile from enwiki - The link given was this.
  2. Once I pressed Import File, the page refreshed and the following warnings are given.

An automated filter has identified this edit as potentially unconstructive, and it has been disallowed. If this edit is constructive, please report this error.

Don't blank pages
This action has been automatically identified as a potential problem and has been prevented from being saved.
Further information: Commons:Deletion policy#Speedy deletion
If you meant for the page to be deleted, blanking is not the right way to do this as blank pages will cause technical problems !
Please use "{{Badname|type good new here}}" if the category has been moved to a better name, so that the other users are informed about the new name. Please use "{{speedy| type reason here }}" and add it on top of the page you would like to have deleted. This way it will be placed on a special list that administrators check regularly for deletion. Without this it might take a long time before it's noticed or it would be forgotten about.
Redirecting / moving / renaming
If a category should be renamed please propose a move by putting the {{Move}} template on the category page.
The Move-template is used when you want to propose to move contents from the current category to a another one. See Template:Move for more information.
If this category has been moved but this one should be kept as a redirect use {{Category redirect}}.
{{category redirect| Name of target-category (without the "Category:" prefix }}
If you recently uploaded a file under a wrong name use the {{rename}} template.

> "{{rename|new filename.jpg| type reason here }}"

If you've already uploaded the correct version of the file, and want to delete this one, use the {{Bad name}} template.

> "{{bad name| Name of the correct file.jpg }}"

If you are not the original uploader of this file but found a duplicate, please tag it with {{duplicate}}

> "{{duplicate| Name of the correct file.jpg }}"

In case you aren't sure what to do, it's best to ask for help at the help desk.
In case you were actually making an acceptable contribution, please report this error here. Thank you.

Other imports I have done had no issue. There was attempt to solve the issue by granting autopatrol rights to be in Commons (request here), but admins concluded that there was an issue with the ImportFile tool itself.

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Hey @EggOfReason and thanks for the report.

We already saw a similar issue and are tracking the discussion around that in T213409. It's related to the AbuseFilter checks executed on the imported text and file revisions. - So in your case there seems to be an empty text revision at the very beginning of the history of the source file [1]. We might change the AbuseFilter policy in special cases like that in the future, depending on the decisions made in T213409. So stay tuned :-).


Hello @EggOfReason,
you wrote:

There was attempt to solve the issue by granting autopatrol rights to be in Commons (request here), but admins concluded that there was an issue with the ImportFile tool itself.

Would it be possible to link to the admin discussion? The whole issue around AbuseFilter policies of the past is a very tricky one and I'm hoping your case might help us find a sensible solution :)


After I filled an abuse filter false positive report, user Jeff G. applied me for auto confirmed: the discussion of which can be found here.

Another user, Splattereel had similar troubles.

Jeff G. has also made an issue thread on the MediaWiki page.

@EggOfReason and @Jeff_G thanks for specifying the issue further! We will look into the issue, and try to find a good solution to it