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Open here to edit: As a user of the Wikipedia iOS app, I would like to be able to quickly edit a specific string in an article
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Why are we doing this?

Based on the work that Jess Klein on the Contributions team has done around focus we would like to have a way for users to quickly take editing actions from the article view without having to re-find what they would like to edit once they have entered the editing view. This work will also most likely build off of Android's highlight to edit feature.

User story

As a user of the Wikipedia iOS app, I would like to be able to quickly edit a specific string in an article


Highlighting text in the article viewAfter selecting 'edit' from the highlight menu
37 Highlight to edit.png (1×750 px, 344 KB)
38 Highlight to edit.png (1×750 px, 207 KB)
Highlighting a non-editable stringAlert
37a Highlight to edit.png (1×750 px, 322 KB)
37b Highlight to edit - alert.png (1×750 px, 175 KB)

Design details

  • Tapping (eg. placing focus) into the highlighted area while in the editing view will dismiss the highlight

Event Timeline

This is ready for Needs Acceptance Criteria whenever there is an appropriate board 😺

Note to self: Make the highlight different from the Selection color

Some notes...

With help from Android folks, I learned...

  • relevant Android approach & code
  • it would be nice for this to be smart enough to show the title description editor if the wikidata description is highlighted and the user taps Edit (Android handles this)

It also seems there are conditions under which it may not make sense to show the "Edit" button on selection, for example...

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 4.01.25 PM.png (1×818 px, 278 KB)

...perhaps we only show it if the selection is text only?

@Mhurd good point. Is there anyway to only exclude info boxes?

@cmadeo there's a similar issue anytime selection encompasses more than text - especially if one end of the selection range is in the middle something... may be easier to play with edge cases once the basic functionality is wired up :)

@cmadeo PR is up with animation and some edge-case screenshots :)

Updated task description to reflect the conversation that @Mhurd and I had today. We will persist the highlight UNLESS the user taps into the highlighted area.

@Mhurd this is working really well so far! YAY! But on the current beta build I'm not seeing any instances where the non-editable alert is showing (eg. over templates, across sections, very long strings or the title). If I forgot something that we made a different decision on would you mind reminding me what we had decided instead? I do think that at the very least on Titles and across sections it'd be helpful to show the alert instead of bringing them to the editor OR we could bring them to the editor but also show an alert of some kind explaining why the behavior is different than expected.


Haha oh that's cause I didn't see you'd added the alert mock ;)

I'll add it! :)

Woot! Thanks @Monte Hurd <> :)

@cmadeo The PR above adds the alert :)

Oh it also hides the "Edit" item if the user doesn't have permission to edit - protected pages etc.

Just cut build so as soon as that gets released should be testable.

Awesome, @Mhurd! Just played around with it on the new build

cmadeo added a project: Product-QA.

@Mhurd working and looking good to me! Thank you!

ABorbaWMF added a subscriber: ABorbaWMF.

Works well for me on 6.2.1 (1594) and the previous build.