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Page protection log shows the main page of the Finnish-language Wikinews as nonexistent
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If you look at the protection log of the Finnish-language Wikinews and search for "Wikiuutiset:Etusivu" (the main page of the fiwikinews) , you can see that the link is red, although the main page exists:

Additionally, if you place the cursor at the text "Wikiuutiset:Etusivu", you get a tooltip which says "Wikiuutiset:Etusivu (sivua ei ole)" i.e. claims that the (main) page does not exist. That is incorrect, of course, which can be easily confirmed by clicking the link. Same thing occurs with the text "hist" (link to the revision history of the main page).

However, if you (for example) search the protection log with the performer and/or the target, the problem goes away, and you see Wikiuutiset:Etusivu as a page that exists (as it should):

Due to the so-called soft closure and the later re-opening of the fiwikinews, the main page has had several logged actions done to it:

The aforementioned problem existed before I removed the main page protection today and placed it again shortly afterwards. I didn't notice any differences between the situations before and after my actions regarding the main page. I used both Mozilla Firefox 65.0 (64-bit) for Fedora and Google Chrome 72.0.3626.81 (Official Build) (64-bit) and observed the exact same thing with both of them.

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The link to the Wikiuutiset:Etusivu (aka the main page) appears as red also in the deletion log if you select ”Page undeletion” from the ”Type of deletion” drop-down list:

On the other hand, if you choose a specific target, the link is blue:

If you check my deleted contributions, all links to the Wikiuutiset:Hiekkalaatikko (the sandbox page; search for ”25 November 2007”) are red, although the page itself exists. When I searched my deleted edits in the Wikiuutiset namespace (id 4) only, Wikiuutiset:Hiekkalaatikko didn’ t show up at all and the resulting message was: ”No changes were found matching these criteria.” Pathoschild imported revisions into that page from Wikimedia Incubator on 25 November 2007. Apparently the list of my deleted contributions (which I can see with temporary admin rights) still lists the edits that I did on Incubator and were removed before the import, but when I click their revision links, I get this message: ”Invalid or missing revision. You may have a bad link, or the revision may have been restored or removed from the archive.”

A good number of revisions were imported into the main page Wikiuutiset:Etusivu on 25 November 2007. Additionally, by looking at T14103#158520, we learn that there occurred some errors while moving pages to the Wikiuutiset namespace (id 4) in 2007.

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I'm removing the import and export project - it's possible that a bug existed in 2007 when the import(s) took place, but we're not going to try and solve an import bug based on evidence from 12 years ago.

Early in the log, the page in namespace 0 called "Wikiuutiset:Etusivu" was protected. No such page currently exists (which is unsurprising, given Wikiuutiset is now a namespace name). I imagine what is happening here is that MediaWiki is storing the fact that this namespace-0 page doesn't exist in a link cache, and then, later in the log when a page in namespace 4 called "Etusivu" is referenced (which does exist), the cache entry is hit and a red link is shown.

Indeed, if you show few enough log entries so that the old page in namespace 0 is no longer visible (like this), you see that the red link turns blue.

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This does not appear to be an issue with the wikimedia/objectcache library, nor with usage of that interface. It looks like this is either a data corruption problem (bad information stored in the database), or a bug in Special:Log, or perhaps something that is confusing but working correctly.