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Emailability: Indicate interest in receiving emails on Welcome Survey
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Presently on the welcome survey, new users are not provided an option to indicate an interest in receiving emails, which is a missed opportunity to follow through on one of a users first engagements, and potentially follow up to reengage users. In response, our intention is to add an email opt-in checkbox on the welcome survey.

If a user is completing the welcome survey they will then have an option to indicate their interest in receiving emails for the sake of engagement via the opt-in checkbox.

Proposed solution

Add a checkbox for users to opt-in to receiving engagement emails as per T215668.

  • Notes on design:
    • The opt-in checkbox and message is only shown if the user did NOT opt-in during account creation AND if they have entered an email either during account creation or on the welcome survey.
    • Please see additional notes about the opt-in message display and design on T215668.
Variation A:
Variation C:

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Our team has decided that we will not be working on this project during Q4. Moving it to the next fiscal year.