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GitInfo cache behave different from Manual:$wgGitInfoCacheDirectory description
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Mediawiki 1.31.1
php 7.0.33-1~dotdeb+8.1

There are two lines error log about gitinfo.json in debug output, which we can't resolve at all.

[gitinfo] Computed cacheFile=/wiki/gitinfo.json for /wiki
[gitinfo] Cache incomplete for /wiki

The$wgGitInfoCacheDirectory state that

Directory where GitInfo will look for pre-computed cache files. If false, $wgCacheDirectory/gitinfo will be used.

We got the $wgGitInfoCacheDirectory set to false as default, and $wgCacheDirectory = '/tmp/mw-cache-wikiname';.
However, the gitinfo.json were still saved to /wiki/gitinfo.json then failed, instead of /tmp/mw-cache-wikiname/gitinfo/gitinfo.json .

Moreover, the /wiki folder was set to 755 www:www. But the creation of /wiki/gitinfo.json still failed.

Is this a bug in gitinfo caching mechanism or we are not caching the gitinfo in right way?

I do found a open task T131003 talk about this problem in 2016 (3 years ago), which suggest that the gitinfo cache were not worte. Is this still ture?

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Zoglun created this task.Feb 10 2019, 2:07 PM
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If $wgGitInfoCacheDirectory is false, then GitInfo::getCacheFilePath( $repoDir ) will return "$repoDir/gitinfo.json". I have updated the documentation that had an incorrect assumption about how this variable is used. If you are hoping to actually generate and cache gitinfo.json files you will need to explicitly set $wgGitInfoCacheDirectory to a writable location such as "$wgCacheDirectory/gitinfo".

It looks like some of the business logic in this class was broken when @Legoktm introduced rMWa5ed38dc54af: GitInfo: Allow cache to be in the extension directory itself. There are a lot of checks in the code to make sure that it does not try to write cache files when $this->cacheFile === null, but that commit ensures that state never exists.


Thank you for update the documentation page. I will test the $wgGitInfoCacheDirectory latter today.

In our test, $wgGitInfoCacheDirectory = "/tmp/mw-cache-gitinfo"; has no effect on the gitinfo at all. (at least for MW 1.31.1) Mediawiki still tying to generate gitinfo.json under /wiki folder.

[gitinfo] Computed cacheFile=/wiki/gitinfo.json for /wiki
[gitinfo] Cache incomplete for /wiki"

We tired to set /wiki foler with 777 permission. But no gitinfo.json generated again. (neither /tmp nor /wiki). The gitinfo cache generation function does not seems to work at all.