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[Design EPIC] Newcomer homepage: Design V1 of the homepage
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New users want a central place to orient themselves about how Wikipedia works and learn to edit, and to return to for future work.

User job story

When I land on a start/home page after account sign-up,
...I want to see information about how to contribute to Wikipedia in ways that particularly interests me... that I feel encouraged to start/continue contributing.

Prep tasks

Proposed design

The following may be broken up into further sub-tasks.

  • Design a MVP Newcomer homepage with some display customization depending on whether the user has:
    • Made an edit (proposed customization: Show a more prominent, extended "Your impact" section on the page)
    • Asked for a mentor (proposed customization: Show a "Your mentor" section on the page)
    • Neither made an edit or asked for a mentor (proposed customization: emphasize welcoming help and getting started content)
  • Create designs for each for the proposed modules in order of difficulty for v1 (1=easiest):
    • 1 Help
    • 2 Impact
    • 3 Featured experienced editors
    • 3 Mentorship
    • 4 Neighborhood
    • 5 Task recommendations (made of sub-modules)
      • Copy-editing
      • Expand a stub
      • Content Translation
      • Add a reference
      • Create a new article
Initial designs:

Desktop-only mocks on Invision, use left and right arrow keys to navigate -


Yet to be created
  • Conduct user testing of initial newcomer homepage UI on Mobile and Desktop
  • Create copy document asset for ease of translation

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We have designed and deployed the initial version of the homepage.