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Inputbox type=search2 to support parameter placeholder
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Currently only type=search and type=fulltext support the parameter option placeholder= , it would be very useful to have type=search2 also to support this parameter (as well as others).
Reason for this is want to change the English Wikivoyage main page text to take up less space.
If you look at there is the text "Where would you like to travel?" before the search inputbox, would like to have this text inside the search box like see at . Note this is set with code in
The problem with the sandbox version is that this does a Search Full Text were what is wanted is a single button that does a Try Exact Match.
Does not appear possible to have an input field with placeholder text in it and a single button that does try exact match rather than full search.

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Traveler100 triaged this task as Low priority.Feb 13 2019, 1:46 PM

Not so important a request now. Another author has identified a CSS method to suppress the Full text button when using type=search , so just the try exact is visible.