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SDC Pilot with Wikisource
Open, NormalPublicWed, Oct 30


In the course of 2019, a small pilot project takes place to practice the full Wikisource workflow, including uploading files to Wikimedia Commons in structured data format. It consists of

  • Digitization of a small set of Punjabi books (in the Qisse genre)
  • Upload of the digitized files to Wikimedia Commons, with metadata in structured data format
  • Upload of the books' metadata (and author data) to Wikidata
  • Indexing and transcribing the books on Wikisource
  • Inclusion of the metadata of the books on Wikisource

@SGill mentors this project. It is also followed, mentored and documented by @SandraF_WMF as a GLAM pilot project for StructuredDataOnCommons.

Info page about this pilot project:

See all SDC pilot projects at


Due Date
Wed, Oct 30, 11:00 PM