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eqiad: requesting dual cpu misc host for icinga1001 replacement
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This task is due to T214760#4941716

Icinga1001 has failed with an unspecific failure. Due to the critical nature of icinga, it was proposed during the weekly meeting (today) that we spin up a spare pool host as icinga1002, and once icinga1001 is repaired it can be returned to the spares pool.

We currently only have one dual cpu misc host, WMF7426. It is also being proposed as a new phabricator host (for the phabricator upgrade) on T215335.

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RobH triaged this task as Medium priority.Feb 11 2019, 8:21 PM
RobH created this task.

We'll need management approval on which task to assign WMF7426.

Aside comment: @RobH will file a task to order more dual cpu spare pool systems.

RobH mentioned this in Unknown Object (Task).Feb 11 2019, 8:23 PM
faidon subscribed.

If that's still needed, that's approved, and it takes priority over phab1002. And let's replenish our spare pool indeed!

We've returned the original hardware (post multiple repairs) back to service, so this is no longer needed. Thank you for the approval though, since it would have streamlined the replacement if needed quickly!