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In AMC mode of mobile frontend, adjust the guidance
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There are some upcoming changes to the top of the page in Mobile frontend as part of T212216: AMC page/talk toggle v1: Talk tab at the top of page for AMC users - design changes related to Advance Mobile Contributions(AMC).

It will look like this with our current code:

image.png (322×925 px, 39 KB)

That need to fix to make it like:

image.png (322×925 px, 182 KB)

Should we hide the talk page and those tabs in external context? Is it useful?

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I think it makes sense to hide the access to the discussion in this context. The user is accessing a translated version of the content and the translated version of the comments about what to improve in the original may add more confusion than help. For translations we are concentrating the contribution path through the "Contribute" action that users can follow to reach the original article (and the discussion about it) if they want to.

@santhosh, External Guidance is already hiding these elements, right?