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Community input for patrol log reviews in 'all public logs'
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What is the problem?

Per the main task, we want to add patrol logs to the "all public logs" list for a page.

How can we help you?

Help us gather that feedback.

What does success look like?

We get a clear sense of community acceptance for this change.

What is your deadline?

Not urgent, but getting this into the next incremental version of MW would be great.

Event Timeline

For new page patrollers: Without reviews in all public logs it can be difficult to figure out the timeline of who reviewed an article when checking to logs.

Thanks for filing, will triage ASAP. Can you clarify when an "incremental version" would be due? Don't need the exact day, just a sense of when it could happen, IIUC it took 4 months between the penultimate and the last version.

Quiddity added a subscriber: Quiddity.

I looked at the existing documentation details, and some in-practice examples. My conclusion is:

  • I recommend that you just make this change on the wikis which do not use RCPatrol.

Whilst the Patrol log adds very few new entries at Enwiki and Dewiki...

This would be significant change (and very probably unwelcome) at the wikis that use RCPatrol, such as Wikidata and Commons. Example pages:

This is the list of the wikis that would be affected (where wgUseRCPatrol = true):

So, either:

  • I recommend that you just make this change on the wikis which do not use RCPatrol.

Or if that's not feasible:

  • We need to do outreach to all the wikis that do use RCPatrol, and ask/determine how much it would help/hurt them to have all this additional info added to their default logs. (I suspect it would hurt them, and that's possibly why it isn't already in there by default? I couldn't easily find the task/patch that originally made it non-default - although the old&solved problem with 'autopatrol' log spam (T184485) was possibly a factor.)

(Sidenote: This task is possibly related, or might contain useful clues: T44246: After switching patrolling off, impossible to effectively hide patrol log entries in Special:Log)

Let me know if that solves it, or what is needed next. If outreach is needed, we need to know what the feasible technical options are. Cheers.

@Elitre I think we'd be trying to get this ready for April or May 2019, before the next version starts getting ready.

@EvanProdromou Hi, Did you have any questions about the research and recommendations that I wrote about above? Thanks.

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Untagging the Growth Team due to us being accidentally tagged originally.

Quiddity changed the task status from Open to Stalled.May 28 2019, 3:55 PM

Stalled, waiting on feedback (from @EvanProdromou?) about the recommendations given above.

Reviewing this, I think we're done with this. Thanks!