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Sort out which RAID packages are still needed
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The thirdparty/hwraid component contains a number of proprietary debs to manage various types of RAID controllers. Some of the debs are apparently copied over from previous repositories via "reprepro includedeb" and are not listed in the updates definition in the aptrepo module.

Some of them don't seem to be in use any longer, the purpose of this task is to verify what is unused and remove those and add all the missing ones in puppet.

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I'm not sure if it's helpful here, or if you know this already, but there is a raid fact in facter that is an array of the types of RAID on a given machine.

Yeah, I know, that one correctly pulls in a number of debs which are actually in puppet, but there's a number of additional ones which need a closer look (e.g. hpacucli or hpssa which are nowhere used).

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I think this is resolved. Since this task was opened we obsoleted some controllers and generally shrunk the list of packages we imported for later distro releases.