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mw1338 hhvm complaining intermittently about TC
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I've seen a few of these errors in logs for mw1338:

[a36fc37bfd00ccd2ba161307] /rpc/RunSingleJob.php   PHP Fatal Error: unexpected N4HPHP13DataBlockFullE: Attempted to emit 1 byte(s) into a 0 byte DataBlock with 0 bytes available. This almost certainly means the TC is full. If this is the case, increasing Eval.JitASize, Eval.JitAColdSize, Eval.JitAFrozenSize and Eval.JitGlobalDataSize in the configuration file when running this script or application should fix this problem.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-operations) [2019-02-14T11:43:12Z] <_joe_> restarting hhvm on mw1338, hot tc exhausted T216084

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The Jit TC cold portion was completely full and exhausted on that server. A restart of HHVM should've solved the issue.

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