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Eventstreams build is broken
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Eventstreams tries to install node-rdkafka@2.5.1 which depends on librdkafka@0.11.6, however, we only have librdkafka@0.11.3 installed and backported into Jessie, so the build is failing and we obviously can't deploy eventstreams.

I believe that we should restrict the node-rdkafka package version to 2.3.X in event streams dependencies now and not try upgrading librdkafka to 0.11.6 right now since librdkafka 1.0 is coming out very soon (it's RC7 now).

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Hm, not sure why EventStreams is requiring node-rdkafka@2.5.1. EventStreams itself doesn't require node-rdkafka, its KafkaSSE dependency does. KafkaSSE requires ^2.3.4.

KafkaSSE requires ^2.3.4.

2.5.1 satisfies ^2.3.4 :) I think we should lock the node-rdkafka dependency either by removing the ^ or by adding a package-lock. The driver has an external dependency (librdkafka) and in general too important to be loose on its version.

Can we do a package-lock in the EventStreams repo?

It's still undecided what to do with package-lock (T179229), so maybe let's just freeze the verison?

+1 on freezing the version in package.json in this instance, as this is what we really need.

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Change 492016 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ottomata; owner: Ottomata):
[mediawiki/services/eventstreams@master] Use specific node-rdkafka version

Change 492016 merged by Ottomata:
[mediawiki/services/eventstreams@master] Use specific node-rdkafka version

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