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Add Header for Wikidata Properties page's Sitelinks div to make it more accessible
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In a page like
I often want to send/write a link that goes directly to the interproject-links section(s).

Currently I have to open the page HTML-source/inspector, and dig through the divs to find out that id="sitelinks-wikipedia" gives me the URL hook I need to create
I do this at least once a month.

Screenshot at 2019-02-14 16-50-24.png (743×1 px, 169 KB)

I'd much prefer to have a proper Heading, like the Statements subsection currently has.
Then my existing userscript (and in the future hopefully for everyone via T18691) will automatically provide me a mouseover link to grab the direct section-URL.

Screenshot at 2019-02-14 17-02-30.png (743×1 px, 87 KB)