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VisualEditor, MobileFrontend, and other tools using action=edit do not auto-block IP addresses
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If a username is blocked and auto-block of IPs is enabled, if that user edits from a different IP address with the VisualEditor this does not cause this different IP address to be blocked.


  1. Login as $user from one IP address[1]
  2. Go to Special:Block and block $user (need admin perms); make sure "Automatically block the last IP address used by this user, and any subsequent IP addresses they try to edit from" is checked
  3. In Special:BlockList you will see two rows in the table, the block for $user and another of the form "Autoblock #nnnnn"
  4. From a different IP address, login as $user and with VisualEditor as the default editor[2] attempt to edit an article (make sure you aren't taken to Source Editor first); you will be blocked
  5. In Special:BlockList you will not see any new rows in the table
  6. Logout and attempt to edit the article again (you may need to clear your cookies if the wiki sets a block cookie)

You won't be blocked from editing from the second IP address.

If our documentation is correct, attempting to edit from VisualEditor as the blocked $user should also block any new IP addresses they are using.

This does happen when you use the Source Editor instead in step 4. This leads me to believe it is related to VisualEditor (although a similar bug appears to afflict MobileFrontend, which I will raise separately.)

Even if, in step 4, you attempt to submit the edited article, this still does not cause the IP to be blocked.

I have seen this happen for both sitewide blocks and partial page blocks.

In mediawiki core includes/EditPage.php there is a function "spreadAnyEditBlock()" which appears to cause any new IP addresses to be blocked. Perhaps VisualEditor also needs to call this. I don't really understand the code well enough though...

Environment Tested:
MediaWiki 1.33.0-wmf.17 (484a1d0) 19:23, 14 February 2019
VisualEditor 0.1.1 (5ff1ea4) 22:04, 11 February 2019


  1. I was using a VPN for the first IP address
  2. I don't know if you can set this for a user...

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If you are logged in as a blocked user on a new IP and attempt to edit from the mobile version of a site (without the VisualEditor extension), this also does not cause the new IP address to be blocked. I don't know if I should raise this as a separate bug for MobileFrontend, or whether both bugs have the same root causes.

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VisualEditor and MobileFrontend both use the action=edit API for saving changes.

Change 491300 had a related patch set uploaded (by Anomie; owner: Anomie):
[mediawiki/core@master] API: Spread autoblocks from action=edit and action=move

Change 491300 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/core@master] API: Spread autoblocks from action=edit and action=move

Anomie added a subscriber: Anomie.Feb 20 2019, 8:09 PM

The fix should be deployed to Wikimedia wikis with 1.33.0-wmf.19 or later.

This seems resolved as far as I'm concerned. I'll leave it to the VE team to close it since I know they like to do additional verification first.

Thank you for fixing this!

We mostly use our "additional verification" process for things somebody on the team worked on (and that are tagged with VisualEditor (Current work)). I was going to just close this task, but on second thought, this could probably use proper QA verification. Especially since VisualEditor uses a wrapper around the action=edit API.

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I think we are done with this ticket. Tag us again if there are problems.

@dom_walden is T196575 a duplicate of this task or a different issue?

@dom_walden is T196575 a duplicate of this task or a different issue?

I don't know. I assume setting cookies and spreading autoblocks are different, and it is possible to do one and not the other.