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[Discuss] ORES model development and deployment processes
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  • Models are trained and tested on stat100* machines
  • Models are pushed to git LFS from stat100* machines


  • Models are pulled via git LFS on deployment-prep
  • Deployment-prep + scap push models out to ORES cluster

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In response to T214089#4954811:

I think that we build models in hadoop is an excellent proposal. Regretfully, it's very painful as a developer to do something like this in hadoop right now. We researcher/development folk still often use the computational resources on the stat machines because it's a better tool for the job. Still, even if we were to build them in hadoop, we'd still be pushing then to git via LFS though. Having models versioned with code is highly desirable.

One other note is that, should the stat machines be turned off, hadoop would become unavailable to us. So considering our means for accessing hadoop in the same class as the hadoop cluster seems reasonable, no?

As I'd said, the deployment pipeline will continue to work without the stat machines. However, we'll struggle to do new development on some models that require massive CPU and memory resource. We still do have backup options in WMFLabs with a large RAM VM configured with ORES' production environment. Ultimately, we can use vagrant on our laptops if all else fails.

As we mentioned earlier, stats machines are not to be used to deploy to prod. There are models being trained in hadoop right now but as you said that process needs to be easier. We also need to find an easier path to deploy binaries/data calculated in cluster to prod,
you can follow discussions about this here:

One other note is that, should the stat machines be turned off, hadoop would become unavailable to us.

No, that is incorrect, hadoop jobs and stats machines are decoupled.

Stat machines are not used to deploy to prod for ORES.

Meeting scheduled for Thursday, Feb 28th @ 1630UTC. I've preemptively made an a notes document here:

Halfak triaged this task as Medium priority.

This discussion seems to be stalled. I'm not sure that it should be assigned to me. @Nuria, did you have any specific goals you intend to achieve with this discussion. Can we resolve based on our last meeting or would you need some follow-up?

Rather than close you can move to blocked and leave it open , I do not think anything is happening in the near future maybe some work will start in this area on Q1 but i am not sure that will be the case.

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We are moving to Lift Wing:

I am closing old tasks related to ORES since it is being deprecated, please re-open if you feel that any work could be done on Lift Wing.