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Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 Opening
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The hackathon opening will be from 9:30a - 11a

Multiple speakers will help orient you to the event.
We will have a brief "open mic" for participants who have newcomer friendly projects with easy tasks already published on Phabricator.

Order of speakers (not final):
NKT / welcome & thanks
Klara / WMCZ, volunteers, social events,
Natalia / venue & help desk
Rachel / program, FSP, technical volunteering, program, showcase + note about open mic for Aaron
Fisch / Mentoring & newcomers & project matching
Focus area reps
Aaron / Open mic

Etherpad of notes:

Event Timeline

Rfarrand created this task.

@Urbanecm, @kostajh, @Catrope, and I (or some combination thereof) can represent the new editor experiences focus area during this session.

Thank you @MMiller_WMF, does not make a difference to me. :) Just choose your one person and let me know.
@josephine_l will be speaking about Mobile contributions, yay!
We do not have a representative from Tools for teaching yet, @Ragesoss would you be up for it?

Basically we will have one simple slide and it will say:

Focus Areas:

  • New editor experiences
  • Mobile contributions to Wikimedia Commons
  • Tool for teaching with Wikipedia

Each of the topics will send up their one representative and in order the person should (in 60-90 seconds please!) give a quick overview of the planned work making sure that anything you say is understandable and accessible to people who have not heard anything about your project / area / team / before.

Sound good? Any questions?

Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 opening notes

NKT / welcome & thanks
Welcome speech by Ing. Martin Svoboda (Director of NTK)
Happy to be hosting this event. As a computer engineer who graduated in '65, things were very different when I started. [laughter] I hope that our national library of technology provide sufficient technology for you to work here. [laughter] Enjoy the day!

Vojtech Dostál (Board member of WMCZ)
Welcome to our country. Welcome on behalf of chapter.
Excited that chapter is hosting event
Info about building: 10 year ago built, best showcases of modern architectur in CR.
The pressure on the pillars is indicated by the colors on the floor.
Concrete and wires are visible, which is very sutiable to this event [[the hackathon]].

Slide famous graduates [[[ or just people that worked at the venue]]
[slides] The man to th left is the inventor of the most used HIV tracker, man on right helped invent [?] contact lenses,Richterle [[scientist]] who also worked here for a while.

Klara / WMCZ, volunteers, social events,

  • Want to thank our great team who helped work on this event, including particularly Natalia and Rachel.

[slide: social events]
See webpage for details of all these events.
[slide: Wkimedia Czech Republik]
there is a vibrant community of editors and photographers. Chapter since 10 year. Chapter only volunteers. 2015 first employee was hired.

3 main programs: education program, seniors write Wikipedia, czech library courses all across Czech Republik
also focusing on students and kids with a critical thinking approach and coping with information online.
Multimedia program, for and with community, with content for Wikimedia programs especially wikidata and wikipedia.

[slide: volunteers]
Martin is at high school in Barduwiza. Many students of this school have volunteered to volunteer at this [[the hackathon]] event.

Flacko the dog is introduced. He is friendly. Please don't overwhelm him!

Natalia / venue & help desk
Hackathon coordinator for this event. Presenting venue and logistics.

[slide: venue maps]
Go to registration if you have questions.
Cafe is also for night-hacking.
Wear your badges to get upstairs through main entrance. The volunteer there will help you.
Education center: go to the other Entrance 3 to get in.
2nd floor: Education center
3rd floor: Computer rooms
4th floor: small break out rooms

No food and drink outside of the gallery.
Please don't put stickers on the walls.
Cafe is open at night.
Please be quiet for the students using the library.
Food seating: 60 spots, so please be patient, and come back in 10 minutes if full.
Electric outlets everywhere except cafe. Share with others!
Group foto tomorrow after lunch. Watch out for announcement.

Ing. Martin Svoboda talks about history
Balliin hall: Introducer of grades of beer. Chemical and yeast technology. Scientific foundation of beer brewing (redlink at !). Created library with books that he gathered from professors.

Rachel / program, FSP, technical volunteering, program, showcase + note about open mic for Aaron
Talk to us about sessions you want to hold.
Schedule is editable. Anyone can add.
Check back on the schedule. Check so you don't miss anyhting.
Update your phab tasks, so that others can follow along and maybe join in.
Use telegram and IRC to share your success and questions.

[slide: Participant demographics]
103 newcomers.

[slide: friendly space team]
Photos of friendly space team on slide. Event is welcoming and inclusive. Code of conduct and friendly space policy for event. Talks to anyone on the slide. It will be handled confidentially. Be allies to each other. If it makes you unconfortable it might make another person make uncomforable too. Speak

emergency email:


  • Rachel Farrand
  • Amir Ladsgroup
  • Lucie Kaffee
  • Caroline (Khro Lena)
  • Florian Schmidt
  • Tony Thomas
  • Nick Wilson

Showcase with Siebrand
Priority to newcomer projects. Siebrands laptop only. You can use any browser, but can't use your own computer. 2 minutes or less to talk about your project. Make the presentation accessible!

Aaron / Open mic - changes to open mic this year
newcomer friendly project. You need to do things to mark your project as newcomer friendly:
phabricator: tag your project Wikimedia-Hackathon-2019 (Newcomer friendly) and add 3 good first task subtasks.
make a poster to invite newcomers to your project

  1. Focus areas
  2. Sage Ross: Tool for teaching with Wikipedia - Making tools that serve education programs in Czech and worldwide. It's Ruby and React tech
  3. Marshall Miller: new editor experiences - WMF growth team working on onboarding, along with many Czech community volunteers. You can help work on existing features, or desired new features, or propose completely new features. - Session later to discuss more details about what new editors struggle with.
  4. Josephine Lim, project maintianer of the Commons app, an Android app to upload photos to Commons. Nearby places was implemented at 2017 Hackathon. More widget functionalyity. Task will be tagged on phabricator today. Writing tests will be a focus for this Hackathon. The team is open for any suggestions and contributions.

Fisch / Newcomer Friendly Open Mic
30 s to pitch your newcomer friendly project.

  • Aaron - ORES - machine learning tools - we want to improve the models for Czech - we just need to document the badwords list.
  • Fisch - revisionslider - port selenium tests from ruby to node.js
  • Victor - wiki battlefield - antivandalism game - needs testing and feedback
  • Kosta (growth team): Newcomer onboarding tools - Session at 14:00. E.g. Guided tours. Help panel (in-context help for newcomers).
  • Andra Waagmeister: Wiki meets INaturalist in Prague. Content of iNaturalist. More than a million pictures.
  • Chico: PAWS newcomer tasks. Need guides and documentation in particular. PAWS explained in session later today. It's a web-interface to get python-notebooks, things to make it easier to start development.
  • Lucie - Scribe - Tools to help editors to write new article, find references on the web. Tasks at all levels. Come talk to me.
  • Gabriel - New search interface (with new input fields) - Want to learn how to extend it? Come learn, and help me improve the docs
  • Volker - Basic accesibility for any project. Session at 16:00.

Aaron: Look at the phabricator board to find more tasks that were not presented or added later.

Feel free to add tasks during the Hackathon.


[slide: the goat]
housekeeping: don't post anything on walls. It damages the walls.
Quiet rooms on 4th floor: keycard needed to enter the small rooms - just ask.

@Rfarrand: I assume there is nothing left to do in this task, so I'm boldly resolving it.