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Gadget Definition style in user prefs
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The style of the gadgets list in the user prefs is bad atm (h1 sections with too much left padding and zero space on the bottom). It doesn't consider the layout you set in MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition.

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ah c'mon there must be a way to fix this :(

Looks like the situation has only gotten worse.

May i ask the stupid question of what exactly is wrong with the way it is currently? To me it looks perfectly fine the way it is (although admitedly it looks a tad better in vector then monobook), and i don't really see what needs to be done, or how it could be made better.

It uses two-column layout for one-column data leaving huge amount of empty space on the left.

Created attachment 7197
patch to fix misspelled attribute in HTMLForm class

Sorry, was looking at wmf and not latest.

Looks like a bug in HTMLForm class where it outputs the attribute classes="blah" instead of class="blah" which causes the css that makes the left column have a width of 0 not apply. Here is patch


I would not say this is fixed. The left column still takes &nbps; worth of space, as can be seen from the screenshot linked in comment 2.

Also note the missing space below the lists. It is only fixes if layout changes on MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition are applied on the pref page (which is not the case atm).