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Tablecreation fails due to lengthlimit on includesection containing diacritical Characters
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Author: k.friedeheim

We use so following dpl-Section with success creating a large table with roundabout 250 rows:

<div id="Stellungnahme">

include=#Institution,#Verschlagwortung,#Einwand kurz[250],#Einwand Langtext[252],#Erstsichtung[250],#Hinweis intern,#Bearbeiter BR,#Bezug Protokolle[250],#Vorschlag zur Antwort[250],#erforderliche Änderungen[250],Status
table=class="sortable", Stellungnahme,Institution, Verschlagwortung, Einwand kurz, Einwand Langtext, Erstsichtung, Hinweis intern, Bearbeiter BR, Bezug Protokolle, Vorschlag zur Antwort, erforderliche Änderungen, Status


Everything works, until a new Page (Stellungnahme/ID13060) was added.
After adding the page the table was empty, no error-message was shown.

The Problem could be solved by changing the length limit (initialy 250 on all sections) for one section (#Einwand Langtext) to a value below 249 or above 251. Also deleting a few characters at the beginning off that section, brings the table back to life.

After setting the limit to 252 the text shown in the offending section ends with th Phrase

....Anhör ..<Arrow-Link to page>.

Returning to the initialy used 250 text length limit and changing "Anhör" to "Anhoer" also solves the Problem.

I think, the error is caused by the text-limit, which cuts the multibyte-UTF8-character "ö" in "Anhör" in way, that breaks the table-generation.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Moving to DynamicPageList2 as DynamicPageList refers to a different extension (sometimes called intersection) then the one your bug is about.