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Allow wildcard hashtag searches
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The search is currently very literal - a search for HashtagA will find results for HashtagA only. There is no ability to search for Hashtag* to retrieve both HashtagA and HashtagB, but we could support this.

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I want to work on this task.

  1. If the user enters Hashtag ,then we should select for HashatgAB (suffix wildcard) only or wikiHashtag (prefix wildcard) also ?
  2. rather than displaying all the results, should we display like Top 10 hashtags similar to the searched when, then if the user is interested he/she can click on the respective hashtag and get results for that. It will be more feasible for our backend.

Eg. User searches for lib then with we will also select the best 10 distinct matches and display it.
#1lib1ref, #libwiki, #100libwiki. #wikipedialib, etc.
Can you share your thoughts on this @Samwalton9

Hi - lalit actually already has an open PR for this, I just haven't had time to prioritise reviewing it. Thanks for your interest though :)

@Samwalton9 would this help given T209359 is open and still causing issues?

This would probably make things worse - database queries would be more expensive, rather than less. That's the primary reason I haven't merged the PR yet.

removing myself as assignee of this task for now, got a mail about this from Wikimedia since we are not working on it actively since very long