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Allow wildcard project searches
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As with T216399, project searches are direct - users can search for one project at a time (such as But users might want to search all Wikipedia projects (* We should support this.

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Samwalton9-WMF created this task.

This is probably somewhat more useful than wildcard hashtags.

@Samwalton9 I would like to work on this but have a small doubt here. Can a user enter multiple * in the project field or will a user be allowed to enter any regex string? Also can a * be present anywhere in the string (such as* .org) or will it be present only in the beginning as mentioned above?

@AdityaJ I have kind of similar doubts as yours. I have tried to make simple changes assuming that :
(1) user enters only 1 asterix (*) in a project field
(2) asterix (*) is present in the starting of the string

removing myself as assignee of this task for now, got a mail about this from Wikimedia since we are not working on it actively since very long