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Exclude redirects for all metrics
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See T206817#4965342

We don't care about redirects, and they shouldn't be counted toward pages created/improved, or anywhere else in the application.

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Merged and ready for QA. The example event we use in the integration tests includes some redirects, see for the details. Hopefully that code is decipherable.

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Comparing production with dev I see that moved pages no longer appear in the revisions/edit list nor are counted in the stats.

For example,, where user had moved two pages, previously counted as 2 new pages and 2 improved pages, now just counts as 2 improved pages.

af_compare.png (600×1 px, 67 KB)

Similarly for

id_compare.png (500×2 px, 107 KB)

For I compared stats with what I could derive from the revisions/edit list. Stats report Pages Improved: 91. In the revisions list there are 94 rows, 3 of which refer to the same page.