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[BUG] Image doesn't render and "Language settings" link disappears
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Current behavior:

  1. Go here
  2. Notice that the "Language settings" is no longer there and the image does not render.

svgt-bug.png (1×2 px, 208 KB)

Expected behavior:

Either of the following:

  • The image renders correctly and the tool works as expected
  • The error is handled gracefully by keeping the user on the search page and showing an error (following the same design as in F27636316)

Description from merged-in task created by Dom:

What is the problem?

On the beta version of svgtranslate, I have found with several files that the image does not appear, just the translation form:

Those are all files I uploaded to beta commons from their originals on production commons.

Those images do appear in the "production" version.

Loading those pages with devtools in the browser shows no errors in the HTTP requests or JavaScript.

Steps to reproduce problem

Visit any of the above urls.

Expected behavior:Image of the SVG appears on the right.
Observed behavior: No image appears.


Operating system: Debian Jessie
Browser: Firefox 60 and Chromium 57

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I'm not sure if it's related, but the web server error log is still filling with:

2019-03-14 06:43:09: (chunk.c.553) opening temp-file failed: No such file or directory

Restarting the web service makes the above example image work correctly, and that error message stops happening. This isn't a fix though (it's happened before: T217815).

@Samwilson I've reopened that ticket and put it under Estimation column. Might be something to take to the Engineering discussion too.

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I mentioned this in the other ticket. I wonder if we are hitting some sort of "open file descriptor" limit on NFS. This seems a bit different but the web servers has open file descriptors for each process so maybe related.

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Similar problem with this file:

I restarted the web service and that file now renders correctly. (Not that this is a fix of course.)

The above test files are all working correctly now. I wonder if disabling output buffering has fixed this problem as well. That sort of makes sense.

It makes sense to me. Maybe we consider it fixed. If it comes back, we can reopen or have a new task.

I have not seen this happen on staging so far this morning.

I will keep an eye out and reopen if I do see it again.

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