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Can't cut, copy, or delete templates (probably all similar nodes) in mobile-visual editor from the keyboard
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to It contains a lot of "broken" templates (because the transcluded templates don't exist on that wiki).
  2. Edit the page in visual mode.
  3. Try to remove any of those red bits from the keyboard.

The template looks like it gets selected (in Safari, on my Mac laptop), but the Delete/Backspace key has no effect.

Bonus bug: The current version of contains a broken image (the sort described in T216267: "Broken images" not working on mobile VE). You can't remove missing images from the keyboard, either.

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In mobile VE, we render a fake selection for these nodes rather than a "native" selection, because a native selection causes the touch keyboard to pop up on mobile devices. The lack of native selection means that keyboard shortcuts that operate on text selection won't work (and this is a low priority issue for actual mobile devices, because they are not often used with a hardware keyboard, and the touch keyboard doesn't have these keys/shortcuts).

This may be a duplicate of T101113? (At least, that task explains some more context.)

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