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Reindex Korean-language wikis to enable Nori analyzer
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In order to enable the new Korean analyzer (Nori) we need to reindex the Korean-language wikis.

However there are a few extra steps:

  • finish for the ES6 upgrade, so that Nori is available—T183282
  • disable LTR for Korean (the old model with the new analysis could do weird things)
  • do the reindexing

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TJones renamed this task from Reindex Korean-language wikis to Reindex Korean-language wikis to enable Nori analyzer.Feb 21 2019, 4:54 PM

Korean got reindexed incidentally as part of the ES 6 upgrade: some of our previous configuration for spaceless languages was deprecated so we had to upgrade them to BM25, and reindex, which picked up the Nori changes for Korean.