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Im trying to build the quibble container from, it fails with

$ docker build --tag quibble .
Sending build context to Docker daemon    193kB
Step 1/19 : FROM as npm-stretch
Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

Can somebody give me an advice?

$ curl
$ time curl
real	0m35,846s
user	0m0,036s
sys	0m0,008s

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@ItSpiderman you are reaching a timeout, notably takes more than 30 seconds to return a payload and your docker client reaches a timeout. I don't know how it can be raised though.

serviceops should be able to figure out why our Docker registry takes so long to reply on

From a discussion with @akosiaris , it seems the registry works fine and both of us can pull just fine.

Can you try again by just pulling the image?

docker pull

For what is worth, on a rather flaky internet connection I can just do

docker build --tag quibble .

After git cloning and it works fine.

Note that the /v2/_catalog thing taking >30s has nothing to do with this specific problem. It is unfortunately an endpoint that is currently slow.

@ItSpiderman Could it be something in your docker daemon configuration or your current network, like a proxy?

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I have done the testing, it appears to be an issue related to my system, cURLing gives me response (36s), but at least it is available, while docker pull timesout after full 80sec.
I had a colleague of mine run the same command (on the same network), it works for him, so it must be something related to my system, dont have problems pulling other docker images though.

Thank you all for the answers

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Good to know. That you for the update. I 'll mark this as Invalid for now, feel free to reopen though.

Problem here was that in docker settings DNS server was set to fixed and could not resolve the host. Setting it to automatic solved the issue. NOTE: Running Docker on Windows! It might help someone if they come accross the same issue

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