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Consider a confirmation if the user only chooses the other person's edits
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If a user accidentally publishes a version consisting of the other person's text, their own edit is completely gone.

If an editor publishes a version that only consists of the other person's text, add a confirmation before saving. This could be along the lines of "You're about to publish none of your original changes. Proceed?"

Inspired by

Note, this has been merged with "No warning if closing the tab or clicking cancel in TwoColConflict", we should either unmerge the tasks or consider the abort cases here.

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I merged the two tickets. They are not the same, but follow a common wish which is not to loose your entries, when getting into the edit conflict.

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Copying from the discussion thread,

losing one's edited text is horrifying. Preventing that should be prio #1.

I agree, and I think we should do another round of design cleanup before making the TwoColConflict feature default. The workflow is not actually about selecting "A" or "B" from the two columns, it's about synthesizing two different changes, so there should always be an edit made, and almost never a simple selection of "your" or the "other" text chunk. I think we have things wrong.

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Here's *ahem* a completely different workflow suggestion, I'm just dumping it here for consideration. It glosses over the edit conflict markers, but I'm imagining we include hidden DOM elements which help us do clever things with the resulting content.

I'm now on board with the ticket as originally written.

Need to verify that there is a committed revision even when all of the "other" chunks are selected. Relatedly, do we add a tag to TwoColConflict-assisted revisions?

A related issue: maybe we should also show a warning if a text chunk was edited, but *not* chosen.