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User isn't directed to draft when draft link is clicked from Preview
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Author: janesh

Reporting against revision 52757 (/trunk/extensions/Drafts)

Steps to reproduce ::

  1. Crate an article
  2. Now start editing the article and save Draft
  3. Now select the original article (step 1) for editing
  4. Change the content and click 'Show Preview' button

<<User is directed to Preview page>>

  1. Click on the link in the top (You have 1 draft for this page.)

User is directed to edit page with original content.

Expected Outcome::
User shall be directed to a draft with new content (added in step 3)

Test EnvironmentOS : Vista , DB : MySQL 5.1.33 , PHP : 5.2.9-2, MediaWiki : 1.15.0
Browser : Firefox 3.0.11

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows Vista
Platform: PC



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Confirmed; the preview integration is pretty broken (completely different UX for draft selection once you go from edit to preview). Ideally the various draft interactions shouldn't alter the textarea contents at all until you choose a draft.

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