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@Phabricator_maintenance is sending email notifications
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My understanding is that use of @Phabricator_maintenance is supposed to silence all notifications, but I've started to get email notifications from it lately.

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Oh, thanks for report! I wanted to do it, but I wasn't sure should I report it or it is expected behaviour of this bot. I got very big number of emails from @Phabricator_maintenance

Upstream changes to the mail system broke the feature that I previously implemented to silence @Phabricator_maintenance.

Just to be clear, does the cli bulk edit option still suppress notifications (as a workaround)?

@greg: yes it should but the usefulness might be limited by T205258: Mass-edits via @Phabricator_maintenance account stop after 11 tasks (I still need to test that more thoroughly, that's tracked in T215079: test bulk editing in phabricator)

(For the records: Still failing on 20190514 in T219608)

I know it's been a while since this was visited, but I wonder if there are plans to address this?

The vast majority of batch edits that I want silenced I can request, but the ones that occur as quarters turn over need to be timed to a specific day, and specific people need to be present when it happens so that they can move tasks to the proper columns on new workboards (lest teams be delayed). That means this account is perfect for that, and I'm sad each time the quarter turns over and I don't have an option for silenced batch editing that doesn't include requesting it of someone else. :-/

Probably low prio because nowadays folks with CLI access can turn batch edits silent, hence I assume that @Phabricator_maintenance isn't used anymore.

That makes sense. If it's possible to train me on CLI access, I'd be game and it would help me and my teams.

@MBinder_WMF: Currently CLI access is defined by phabricator-admin in puppet's data.yaml but I can imagine there could be a separate new group just for permissions to run the srv/phab/phabricator/bin/bulk make-silent --id * command via SSH, if requested via SRE-Access-Requests.

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