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Request creation of structurednavigation VPS project
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Project Name: structurednavigation

Wikitech Usernames of requestors: Samantha Nguyen

Purpose: This project would be used for the public software development and demo-ing of the StructuredNavigation extension (developed and maintained by me)

Brief description:

  • Source code at SamanthaNguyen/mediawiki-extensions-StructuredNavigation (GitHub) (MIT license)
  • About the project: It allows creating navigation templates using machine-readable data, JSON. The content is in the Navigation namespace using a custom content handler, which extends the JsonContent and JsonContentHandler from core. There is currently no existing standard implementation for navigations (including sidebars) on any MediaWiki wikis (including Wikimedia wikis), and most existing implementations mix wikitext, HTML and inline styling together. This extension attempts to solve this problem by separating these concerns and using structured data.

Screenshots of how the extension works, step by step:

Step 1Step 2Step 3

Screenshot in step 1 is using this example. There are other examples that can be used and played with in docs/examples of the extension. Credits for the examples are listed in file in docs/.

Other extensions that would be installed along the side would be TemplateStyles, WikiEditor + CodeMirror, and SyntaxHighlighting GeSHi. In the future possibly VisualEditor, but that'll most likely be in the far future. Also see:

Just so there is no confusion, this project would specifically be for the StructuredNavigation extension, but the other extensions installed along-side would only be showing the extensions that SN can integrate with. AIUI the normal quota should be more than enough.

Some things to be noted: SN requires at least MediaWiki 1.32, and PHP 7.1+. Would the PHP 7.1+ requirement be a blocker?

How soon you are hoping this can be fulfilled: Hopefully as soon as possible

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@SamanthaNguyen I've created this project and added you as a projectadmin. You can assign other members as needed.