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Activate RevisionDelete for sysops on dewiki
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Please activate RevisionDelete for sysops on the German Wikipedia. I'm not really sure if a consensus is needed: in order to be sure, I started a RfC and there is an overwhelming support for this request (see URL).

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  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 18780 ***

Why is this bug marked as a duplicate?
In my opinion it makes sense to activate new software features carefully on a smaller scale before activating them project-wide.
a) dewiki is of a reasonable size to test RevisionDelete thoroughly.
b) on dewiki there is an overwhelming support for activating/testing this feature (as opposed to bug 18780 which has no community consensus).
I was under the impression that RevisionDelete was stable enough to activate it on dewiki. Brion's comments on bug 18780 suggest that RevisionDelete is not activated because of disagreements on its use (not because of technical reasons); these considerations should be easier on dewiki where there's a clear community consensus.

That's just my opinion, but I think this should be at least groupped with bug 18780 (with depends on/blocks fields) instead of having a request here and there. You can reopen it if you want.

No, this really isn't a duplicate. The overwhelming consensus on de.wp is to activate this for our administrators right now, here's the straw poll:

And there were good reasons given why this shouldn't be delayed any further. So this is a request for one project only.

Done, thanks to a timely poke from Raymond.

(In reply to comment #5)

Done, thanks to a timely poke from Raymond.

You have read that this bug depends on [[bugzilla:20186]]? I do not think that RevisionDelete is stable enough to be enabled while this bug is still open. The needed transparency is not given with the actual version.

I am not sure why it would not be enabled for sysops on this wiki, while that other bug is still being addressed. Please explain.

Ok, a few other folks have pointed out there are issues with having this enabled due to 20186 and 18780, removing.

jeluf wrote:

RevisionDelete has been enabled globally for all wikis => Closing this ticket.