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labtestmetal2001.codfw.wmnet needs to be rebuilt
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It appears that labtestmetal2001.codfw.wmnet is in a very sad state. After speaking with moritz i think the best way forward is to re-image this server using debian stretch. It may also be worth considering if this system is required at all it seems the service may never used and this server could get moved into the stock of spares?

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Agreed. We have a pending cluster rebuild in codfw at some point in the near future once we finish some other stuff (mostly we can shutdown nova-network completely).

labtestmetal2001 had /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/00backports-default-release pointing to jessie-backports, which broke debmonitor as jessie-backports has been archived, I removed the file to unbreak it (and given that the host will be rebuilt anyway).

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We will be doing T220129: labtestmetal2001.codfw.wmnet: rename to clouddb2001-dev and reimage to stretch in codfw1dev. Closing task now that we have concrete plans for it.