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Write a doc explaining why, how, and when the Foundation participates in external FOSS outreach events
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Attempt to answer recurring question from folks outside the TE team, and especially folks who are not directly working in Wikimedia technical spaces, about out participation in GSoC, GCI, and Outreachy.

Example Qs:

  • Why did Google send us this payment?
  • How can we use these funds?
  • Which budget does the money belong to?
  • How often do we do this?
  • Which program is this related to?

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Dropping some text that could be useful (or not). Don't know SFC handling or internal WMF booking details, so this needs additional yadda:

The Wikimedia Foundation regularly participates in several outreach programs. Wikimedia Foundation's Developer Advocacy team (part of the Technical Engagement group) coordinates participation in these outreach programs:

  • Google Summer of Code (annual event organized by Google for university students; we have taken part in every round since 2005). Students have to apply and have to get selected/accepted to work for three months on a project to accomplish. Wikimedia receives a number of student slots. Students are not contract workers or employees of any kind. They earn a stipend for the work they did.
  • Google Code-in (annual event organized by Google for 14-17 year old highschool students, usually Nov-Jan; we have taken part in every round since 2013). Students do not have to apply and do not have to get selected/accepted to work on numerous smaller task which take them less than a week to accomplish.
  • Outreachy (bi-annual event organized by the Software Freedom Conservancy, usually Dec-Mar and May-Aug; we have taken part in every round since 2013)

Google uses Payoneer to pay Google Summer of Code Students and Organizations and to pay Google Code-in Organizations.
Google's payment(s) to WMF's Payoneer account for Google Summer of Code include

Google's payment(s) to WMF's Payoneer account for Google Code-in include

  • $2200 Google Code-In Grand Prize Winner trip travel stipend for one mentor (usually takes place in June/July in California): "Google will send your org a travel stipend for the mentor's travel via Payoneer that the mentor can get reimbursed from the org (or the org can book the mentor's flight for them - that is up to your org to decide). We will give each org $2200 to cover the travel expenses for the mentor when we send along the organization sponsorship money to the Payoneer account" (email on 2019-01-02). "The org can book the mentor’s flights for them - or the mentor can get reimbursed from the org, that is up to your org to decide. This travel stipend will cover the coach airfare/food bills/visa fees/luggage fees/transportation to/from airport, etc. for the mentor. Google will book and pay for the mentor’s hotel directly (for 4 nights)." (email on 2019-01-30) This should be used by WMF to book the travel for mentor(s) to attend the physical event. The remaining money could be considered a donation.
  • Additional payments might take place. These could be considered donations. Example: For GCI in November 2018, Google added $2500 to WMF's Payoneer account "so you can use the funds for your end of year expenses/swag, whatever your org needs." (email on 2018-11-17)

Hello, I'd love to work on this task.

I have additional doubts regarding the task.

  1. Where should this document reside? That is, what URL should it have?
  2. Should this document be written in FAQ fashion or as an article?

Thank you! Any additional comments regarding the task would be much appreciated.

@Eisheeta thanks for your interest but this is a team-specific task. You can look for other tasks to contribute to as part of Outreachy.

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I assume this text would pretty much also target WMF Finance. :)
Boldly assigning to @Bmueller as she can probably best answer some of the remaining questions above.
After that feel free to assign to me as I'd be happy to drop this on on a subpage of