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View '' references invalid table(s) or column(s) or function(s) or definer/invoker of view lack rights to use them
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Starting 2 hours ago randomly getting this error (sometimes eswiki_p, sometimes ukwiki_p)
host =
user = s53381
@Bstorm would you mind looking into that? Looks similar to T210978, but back then it was reproducible 100%, now it is random

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Still experiencing problems with hewiki_p (and sometimes eswiki_p). The rest is ok

Random suggests that one of the two analytics replicas didn't get the change. There isn't a schema change in progress like there was then (I hope?), but I don't know. I'll Re-run on those. There's some changes that are needed in general anyway for an upcoming schema change.

Looks like there is a change in progress. It just broke the script that recreates the views. I'll try to get in the loop and fix the script as well.

comment_text already doesn't work, and apparently it is still hidden in the definition file for the views. We tried to remove it here T212972

Bleh, I have that backwards. comment_text should work and doesn't there because of some hidden join condition or something :)

So that means there might not be any changes, but that one or another of the servers is missing an update.

Ok, I rebuilt those two wiki db's views on all three replicas for good measure. Please check.