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It should be possible to target a survey at anonymous OR logged in users
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Right now surveys are shown to everyone. It would be useful to target a survey to logged in users or anonymous.

Acceptance criteria

  • If anons is set to true in the audience definition only anonymous user should see the survey
  • If anons is set to false, only logged in users see the survey
  • IF anons is omitted then the survey is shown to both anons and logged in users
  • If I set anons to true but also define minEdits and maxEdits, then it is impossible for anyone to see the survey as someone cannot be anonymous AND have an edit count.

Developer notes

Given the work in T139317 we could expand audience to accept a property like so:

"audience" => [
  'anons' => true

Event Timeline

Ahh, yes, this would totally alleviate my concerns about accidentally targeting anonymous users when we're actually just interested in new editors (or vice versa)!

@Jdlrobson I believe this is a (partial) duplicate of T186737. The only difference I see is that this ticket also specifies a condition where one can target by logged-out AND edit-count-per-IP simultaneously.