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Remove 2FA on for user Avicennasis
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Please remove two-factor Auth for user Avicennasis on Wikitech.

I migrated phones and mistakenly only moved my Wikimedia 2FA token.

I still have access to Toolforge. I have created a file named "remove2FA.txt" in my home directory, and will add the URL of this ticket there for verification.

Please let me know if you need anything else to authenticate me.

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I am an outreachy applicant, I would like to work on this task

Aklapper renamed this task from Remove Wikitech 2FA to Remove 2FA on for user Avicennasis.EditedMar 4 2019, 8:43 AM

@Ifygal3: You cannot work on this task, as you do not have rights on which would allow you to reset 2FA for other users.

@Ifygal3: Are you aware of good first task? Asking as I do not see much sense in adding "I want to work on this" comments in random tasks. :)

Andrew claimed this task.
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@Avicennasis, I have disabled 2fa on your wikitech account. Sorry for the slow response time!