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Mar 4 2019, 4:51 PM
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Task for creating and matching to a new Wikidata property that we need to request


is Gustaf Posse, 1626-1676 = Wikidata Q6054443

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see also T215603: Connect WD Churches and church documentation at RAÄ/LIBRIS . The book from RAÄ about Riddarholmskyrkan "Riddarholmskyrkan - Fast inredning, inventarier och gravminnen" Q61765464 is a perfect match with Graf search

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Feedback how to create the URL

Hej Magnus!
Jag skulle säga att den ser ut så här:
Jag har ju delat in objekten i ”begravningsvapen” och ”epitafier”.

Maybe we get a problem with a two part URL and question mark --> needs to check compare Property:P5892#P1630

File received 2018-09-21

Maybe we model epitafier as an object see Q66457039

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